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Division Resins

Making Resins Synthesia Group dates back to 1977 and represented a vertical integration to acrylic paints at the time they occurred. The activity was growing and diversifying, moving towards its further penetration of the local market and abroad.

In 2009, the Group created the company Synthesia SYNTHECOAT SL to concentrate on the same all the resins business, whose future was expanded significantly after the acquisition of very technologically advanced facilities that allowed the manufacture of high performance products and innovative systems. Our current production capacity reaches 40,000 tons.

The current product portfolio SYNTHECOAT, comprehensive and advanced from the technological point of view, it has been remolded and repositioned to adapt to market realities, always oriented to meet customer needs.

Products are diverse: acrylic resins, alkyd resins, polyesters with solvents, emulsions, dispersions, isocyanate prepolymers, etc..